We are your #1 source in scam prevention when you are renting

You may be looking for a long-term rental or you may be looking to reserve a vacation rental.  Either situation, we have you covered.  

Request a rental verification

$19 will save you thousands in scams

We will make the contact on your behalf.  This eliminates the need for you to be in contact with a scammer.  Fireball Approves Investigations will keep you protected from rental scammers.

Order Verification

Request a rental visual inspection

You received a verified rental ad - now what?  If you are not local, allow us to visit the rental of your choice.

We will confirm the rental is as described.

$70 will save you in hassle and disappointment.  Moving is difficult enough!


If you choose to use Craigslist - do so safely by using our partner, Cluck

Cluck is a FREE extension to use with Craigslist