Let your contacts earn you extra $

Are you a fan of Fireball Approves because we keep you from getting burned by scammers?

Don't you agree that everyone needs to hear about us?  You can help and get paid!  Win-win!


  1. Follow us on social media; links below
  2. Share our content with your friends and family
  3. Share our information with a news reporter, magazine or newspaper editor and when your contact reaches out to us for an interview or story, you will be paid a finder's fee when the story or interview is published
  4. Register your Finder's Fee - first come, first serve - be the first to register!


1.  "Like" and "Share" Fireball Approves Facebook page - link below

2.  Choose one or more of our posts and "share" with your Facebook friends

3.  Include a personal message urging your friends to "share"

4.  When your shared post reaches 100 shares, send a screenshot to info@fireballapproves.com

5.  Upon receipt of screenshot and email, you will receive $25 - limit one per customer