We are your #1 tool for scam prevention.  Fireball Approves ensures you are dealing with the property owner.    Scams are on the rise and we are fighting the scammers - for you.


Scam Prevention

Scams cost money, time and hassle.  Our sole mission is to keep our customers from getting burned by scammers.  We are a platform for trustworthy property owners and their customers for scam prevention.


scam prevention

Fireball Approves is an investigation agency specializing in keeping you safe from rental scams.

scam prevention

 I am Tammy Sorrento from Jacksonville, FL and I first want to thank you for your interest in my new investigative service for scam prevention - so you won't get burned. I am a private investigator with a desire to protect you from scams.  Next I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and our services.

This idea came to me when I was  in contact with a Craigslist scammer advertising a vacation home in Key West, FL. I performed my due-diligence to safeguard my family from falling prey to a scam. I used all the tools available to the public. The key piece I was missing was evidence that I was actually corresponding with the legitimate property owner. My further research confirmed I had in fact, been in touch with a scammer and I decided I had to do something about it! 

I have used my own situation as my guide to develop a solution to a growing problem. The problem is how to keep from getting scammed on any platform (Craigslist, AirBnB, VRBO/HomeAway and etc).   I have contracted with a company that is used by financial institutions risk management reporting.  

We already have numerous products of scam protection;

1. Renter - if you are looking for a rental property like I was - you need to give us the following: URL of ad - $19 to save you thousands. 

**New Service** - in partnership of Cluck, we have the ability to dispatch an objective real estate professional to inspect your rental of choice.  $89 is a small investment when you are sending your child to college, when you transfer jobs to an unfamiliar city or just want to make sure the rental will accommodate your needs.

My staff will take this information and compare against the reporting tools that are not available to the public. This is your first line of defense to keep from getting burned by scammers.

2. Property Owner - we offer three levels of advertising to fit any budget.  

Bronze Level - FREE to list your property

Silver Level - $99 per year for exclusive rights to use our seal of approval on any property listing site

Gold Level - $199 to list unlimited interior and exterior photos inc video representation


3. Vehicle - if you are in the market to purchase a used vehicle we will confirm you are interacting with the legitimate owner. This is the only platform that provides a safeguard against becoming a victim of VIN cloning and vehicle theft. $19 to save you thousands

4. Business - if you are looking for a repair-facility or for a contractor, check with Fireball Approves first. Most of us use Angie's List but did you realize that they do not confirm license and insurance? If a contractor sustains an injury while at your home and they were not adequately insured, then you may be liable. $19 to save you thousands

Please keep in mind; you can use our service in addition to other services like Angie's List, CarFax, AirBnB and etc.

5.  Miscellaneous - if you are in Florida and require private investigation services, let us know what you require.

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about Fireball Approves!  Scam Prevention for the entire US