NBC DFW interview with Wayne Carter

Interview 102.1 WFOY FM St. Aug with Kris Phillips

Interview 2- 102.1 FM WFOY w/Kris Phillips and property manager Candy Rettich whose listings had been scammed!

Online Ownership and Identity Verification

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Fireball Approves is your first line of defense to ensure honest transactions.

We offer the protection you need when making online vacation reservations, vehicle purchases and hiring businesses.  

We give you peace of mind by ensuring:

You're working with legitimate property owners/businesses that you find  on public listing sites.

You're working with prequalified owners who have gone through our extensive background screening process.



Toll-Free: 833-466-7226

Variety of Services

Available for online transactions involving:

Vacation Rentals

Short or Long-Term Rentals

Property Owners

All Types of Vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, commercial, recreational vehicles)

Business Verifications

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